Read my novel, as I’m writing it!

It’s been a while, I’ve been very busy with work and other things but my latest blog post may give you a glimpse into one of my current pet projects.

For about a year, I’ve been looking at writing my own novel.  I’ve done some research and written a few chapters and although its a lot harder than cobbling a few thoughts together for a blog page, I am looking forward to completing it at some point in the future.

As part of my book writing, I have also decided to write a smaller, easier book which will help me get used to the format and style that I will need to use for my blockbuster ‘tome’.

I’ve also decided that I should share my writings in near realtime with anyone who should care to read along and rather than wait until its completed, I thought it may be helpful for myself to think that people may actually be reading it as I’m writing.  I know this cavalier attitude wouldn’t go down well with Hodder and Stoughton or Penguin, but they’re not returning my calls so there we go…

Hopefully, you can read my first novel (well the first one that I’m actually publishing for now) by clicking below.  Its completely free and all I ask is that you would maybe consider leaving some feedback as this may help me actually write something, someday, worthy of publication.