Christianity… Fair game for BBC Mockery?

The Christian Institute recently posted an article claiming that the BBC’s anti-christian agenda rolls on.  It does so, they claim, in a statement made by the Director General which sanctions the mockery of Christianity while ‘protecting’ other faiths from insult or criticism.  (You can read their article by an unnamed contributor here.)

Once again, I find myself (a ‘committed Christian’) angered by their comments and worried by the way in which they seem to relish in public defamation of any organisations and individuals as they see fit.

Their own article may be brief, but it doesn’t pull any punches with its claims that the BBC defends some kind of unwritten policy to make a mockery of Christian beliefs and traditions whilst on the other hand, enshrining the concepts and identity of other faiths such as Islam.

These comments are made with little or no understanding or consideration for Islamic culture or the Christian ideals of freedom of choice, speech and free will.  

It’s all too easy for intolerant fundamentalists to claim that all the world is against them and it’s this tone which peppers much of that the Christian Institute write.  Even a cursory glance of their website shows their intolerance of modern secularism and opinion.  This is understandable you may feel.  Shouldn’t it be obvious that those of ‘faith’ will completely disagree with those with none?  Not so I say!  I may believe in life after death or the existence of a soul, of a God and a Heaven but I have no quarrel with those who do not.  If an Atheist or Humanist doctor prescribes me tablets, I will still take them feeling that this person means me no harm.

When looking more broadly at this issue, I cannot help feel that certain ‘intolerances’ (christian or otherwise) can be deceptive, devious and even dangerous.  Passing comment behind a website which makes plenty of statements without including plenty of quotes does little to tell the whole tale…

Their first paragraph reads..

The head of the BBC, Mark Thompson, has admitted that the broadcaster would never mock Mohammed like it mocks Jesus.

He justified the astonishing admission of religious bias by suggesting that mocking Mohammed might have the “emotional force” of “grotesque child pornography”.

But Jesus is fair game because, he said, Christianity has broad shoulders and fewer ties to ethnicity.

You may notice how they quote Mark Thompson when it comes to the mockery of Mohammed however when it comes to quoting Mr Thompson’s take on Christianity, you may also notice that they prefer to offer their own ‘synopsis’ on what he said rather than quote him directly.  Need I point out the problem with this kind of approach?

I am reminded of the Politician who demanded peace ‘at any cost’.  He was even prepared to go to war to claim it and as the Christian Institute seems to be drawing the battle lines with anyone who doesn’t share their ideology or dogma, I can’t help feeling that Christianity with all its tolerances and acceptance, once again misses out on sharing the Good News of God’s love with those who already think they know all the story.