Making your pictures 'pop' with the Olympus OM-D EM5

Pebble by the Prom

If you’ve got yourself an Olympus OM-D EM5, then there’s a really easy way to give your pictures a muted yet arty feel with little post processing.

You’ll need photoshop or some other app that supports layers and you’ll need to set up your camera to save both JPEG and RAW versions of your pictures but thats just about as tricky as it gets:  Here’s my guide…

1.  In the camera menu, make sure you are saving both a JPG and Raw files (Cam menu 1, third option down)

2. Choose ‘Art’ mode on your top dial

3. In the Art menu, choose effect filter number 10

4.  You’ll notice that there’s two modes for effect 10.  One colour, One B&W.  Choose II (B&W)

5.  Shoot away! (you’ll notice that your viewfinder shows you a harsh B&W live and playback preview, don’t worry, we tone down that effect in post processing)

6. Import all your photos into a folder or an app

7.  Export both the JPG and a RAW version of the photo you wish to edit.

8. Combine the two and alter the opacity as needed.

9. Flatten and export as required!

I Have created a 20 min tutorial video that covers everything from the camera settings to the post-processing using Apple’s Aperture 3 and Adobe’s Photoshop CS4.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see more from the OM-D EM5 then check out the Olympus website: here

Finally, My OM-D EM5 flickr showcase (including example images from this tutorial), is here