Luxury Watch Styles : Affordable Prices

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling?  With luxury watch buying on the rise, it seems that many of us are keen to be seen wearing not just the Omega’s and Rolex’s but many other luxury brands too.  A rich person’s game this definitely is but it’s possible to wear some pretty impressive (and familiar looking) timepieces without breaking the bank.

Let’s pay homage

The first trick to watch collecting on a budget is to spend some time learning about ‘Homage Watches’.  These are watches that are nearly identical to very famous watch models but at a fraction of the price (and I really do mean a fraction).  Many local jewelers and stores don’t tend to stock these cheaper models as they’d harm luxury sales so online is best and eBay is always worth a look too.

As someone who owns both Homage styled watches and some luxury models too I can’r really recommend these highly enough, especially for anyone new to watch collecting.

image1 (3)

(Parnis Marina Militare alongside Panerai Luminor)

I’ll bet you had to look twice.  These watches are both absolutely beautiful and Panerai style divers watches can be seen on many celeb wrists and at least one ex-president’s wrist too.  The Panerai on the left is a 1950’s style Luminor and you’d expect to pay upwards of £5,000 for one second hand, new they are more like £8,000.

The Marina Militare on the left comes from Parnis.  Manufactured in Asia you can expect to pay around £100 for one, the model pictured above is also a GMT version to boot.

A fraction of the price : A fraction of the Quality?

Let’s not fool ourselves, the luxury brands are better and watches are especially well known for retaining their value (well some are…) Homage watches won’t compete compared to the luxury counterpart but you can wear them with confidence and buy another 79 watches if you wish.  It may only be an 80th of the cost but it isn’t an 80th of the quality.


(Rolex Submariner with Alpha Homage)

Buy now pay later

In some circles the homage style watches are loathed.  Usually by the people who’ve paid considerably more than you have or by others who thing you’re wearing some kind of fake (you’re not!  Homage watches aren’t fake or illegal to buy).  No instead homage watches give you change to buy in to a certain look and then possibly save up for the big purchases.

Is that the time…

I’ve been collecting homage styled watches for a few years now, in some cases I have gone on to buy the expensive versions too but I can’t honestly think of a better way of getting the luxury look for an affordable price.  Remember these aren’t dodgy fakes from Knock-Off Nigels summer holiday abroad, these are timepieces in their own right,  each inspired by some of the most luxurious (and consequently, expensive) watches that money can buy.  Get your collection of to a great start and get the luxury look while you’re at it!