A photo speaks a thousand words 

Photo: Pete Souza/The White House

Photo: Pete Souza/The White House

Todays Sunday Times magazine takes a pictorial look at the first 100 days of Obama in the Whitehouse.  From his first day in a sparsely decorated Oval Office to sipping a beer at the basketball match but do the pictures reveal anything that mere rhetoric does not?

@BarrackObama is clearly new to the job.  The pictures show a family in the midst of massive adjustments.  New job, new home and the new challenges of being the most famous family in the world.  There’s moments of joy and of exhaustion coupled with informal and formal shots of the President on his overseas engagement to the G20 Summit in London.

Included in the supplement are pictures from Nadav Kander who photographed ‘team Obama’ as they waited to take office.  From the young dudes complete with MP3 players and shades to ex-rivals and now key team members like the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  The real life ‘West Wing’ workers and officials were asked to bring or wear items which carried personal importance or comfort with Ken Salazar sporting his trademark Stetson.

The photographs offer us a glimpse into both the Obama household and administration at a time when change came to America and a few famalies in particular.

You can read more about Obama’s first 100 days on the Wall Street Journal Blog

‘Obama’s People, a set of photographic images of Obama and his administration, by Nadav Kander. may be seen at Gallery 20, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  Free Admission. Or viewed here.

@barackobama is the 44th President of the United States of America

@clintonnews (Hillary Clinton) is the US Secretary of State