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  • Paul Hurst 9:53 pm on July 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Aren’t we interesting enough for the celebs? 

    Twitter may be full of the rich and famous but most of us commoners may have noticed that few famous people bother to return the ‘follow’.

    Before I worked at the BBC I used to be a TV extra.  I remember my first day on the set of Coronation Street and despite seeing many familiar faces I suddenly realised that I didn’t know these people at all.  That led me to be kind and courteous to the cast as I would a stranger, yet it seemed that some household names almost went out of their way NOT to treat me the same and this really puzzled me.  In fact it was the first time I experienced not just a class divide but a profession divide too, something which working in the media industry, I have now grown quite accustomed to.

    I won’t name names as to who the worst offenders were although Bill Roache deserves a special mention at this point for being quite the opposite.  He is one of the nicest and most helpful people with which to work on your nervous first days treading the cobbles.  On some occasions I even noticed he answered to his screen name both on set, and on Sundays in the BBC studios where our paths crossed again.  Ken, you’re a star!

    I’ve noticed a similar kind of celeb dynamic on Twitter as well.

    Some ‘stars’ seem only too quick to follow their equal’s but much slower to follow anyone who earns less than a few grand a week.  Their follow rate is both disproportionate and disappointing.  Now I am not saying that they should follow everyone or indeed that I have any right to tell anyone who they should or shouldn’t follow but purely based on the laws of probability, there must be some people who aren’t rich or famous that still deserve to be ‘heard’ on Twitter by those who are.

    I am very non-discriminatory in who I follow.  If people seem interesting I follow them, if not then I don’t.  Sometimes I follow people based on single tweets or trends and sometimes I follow people for a while, then change my mind. I know the constraints on my time may not be quite as demanding however it seems as though the celebs don’t use Twitter the same way I do at all.  In fact, I’m just as keen to soak-up as to share and I benefit greatly from doing so yet some of the celebs seem to be the opposite way around.  So may I challenge anyone reading this to follow someone new today, even if some users remind us that although they may share the same network, they are a million miles apart in every other aspect.

  • Paul Hurst 10:43 am on April 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Cats that ‘tweet’ 

    How do you answer the critics who insist that Twitter is a waste of time?  By showing them the world’s first ‘Twitter Catflap’ of course!

    The ‘Croydonian‘ is keen to point out that much more than listing breakfast components or merely sharing your business appointments for the day, you could introduce your household pet to the delights of microblogging.

    With scematics which include ‘Joystick hardware’ and ‘servos’, the worlds first PC compatible catflap keeps you in the loop on the comings and goings via an RFid Collar on your pet and handy twitter updates which let you know wether your sofa will still be in one piece when you finally get back from all those meetings.

    Unsurprisingly, you can even follow the felines on Twitter for yourself (1,182 and counting…).  What a novel use of social networking.

    (Please note:  I have completely avoided the usual mentions of ‘mouse’ and ‘purrrfect’ for which I feel I should be congratulated)

    @gusandpenny – Twitter’s  first virtual pets

    tweetingcatdoor.com the original source for ‘Croydonian’s’ post

  • Paul Hurst 11:47 pm on April 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Do you remember taking your first tentat… 

    Do you remember taking your first tentative steps along the ‘twittery superhighway?’

    Early adopter or latecommer to the party, you probably still encountered precicely the same steep(ish) learning curve of both shoehorning your thoughts into 140 characters and trying to get your head around all the DM@RT#ing intricacies!

    One program which helped me to get a much wider and clearer picture of what twitter is all about is TweetDeck.  It’s raved about on the forums and in millions of tweets per day but why is it so useful?

    1.  It autorefreshes – so tweets are re-ordered in order of newness.

    2. It allows you to search your contacts tweets meaning you can find old themes and buzzwords fast.

    3. Its easy to retweet (RT), reply publically (@username), or direct message (DM) people thanks to the handy graphics that appear over user avatars.

    4. You can choose the layout to include things like word clouds along with extra profile information.

    5. Integrated ‘tiny url’ will shorten most web addresses to save you precious characters for all those long words!

    Those are my personal top five reasons but there are others too including group views and photo, video and even facebook integration.  So if you are new to Twitter or if you are just looking for a more powerful way of using the Twitter service then you would do well to give it a try.

    Just before I go, and for all you seasoned ‘tweople’ out there, you may find this video useful on how TweetDeck can help you manage and interact with large numbers of followers.

    • Phil 12:34 am on April 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Uses too much screen real estate for me. I’ve always been a Twhirl user and am finding it hard to make the switch! Probably why I don’t like Seesmic Desktop either.

      • Paul Hurst 12:46 am on April 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, Its a strength and weakness at the same time. It may demand your total attention however it can throw lots of useful information your way in return.

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