Cats that ‘tweet’ 

How do you answer the critics who insist that Twitter is a waste of time?  By showing them the world’s first ‘Twitter Catflap’ of course!

The ‘Croydonian‘ is keen to point out that much more than listing breakfast components or merely sharing your business appointments for the day, you could introduce your household pet to the delights of microblogging.

With scematics which include ‘Joystick hardware’ and ‘servos’, the worlds first PC compatible catflap keeps you in the loop on the comings and goings via an RFid Collar on your pet and handy twitter updates which let you know wether your sofa will still be in one piece when you finally get back from all those meetings.

Unsurprisingly, you can even follow the felines on Twitter for yourself (1,182 and counting…).  What a novel use of social networking.

(Please note:  I have completely avoided the usual mentions of ‘mouse’ and ‘purrrfect’ for which I feel I should be congratulated)

@gusandpenny – Twitter’s  first virtual pets the original source for ‘Croydonian’s’ post